About Us


Showdog Brand Handlers has 25 years of experience in environmental graphics and commercial space branding. Technically speaking, we jump through hoops for our clients. They like to hire us because we are their brand advocates, experienced professionals and providers of turn-key execution.

Brand Advocates. Brands can only be as strong as the consistency of their use. As brand advocates, we are sensitive to the visual vocabulary of brands, making sure that all guidelines and standards are executed appropriately. We understand the best applications for materials and have access to the best and newest resources. Some call us experts in color management. We call that our job. 

Experienced Professionals. Our quality is evidenced in our work. We have served large and small brands in categories such as commercial office, restaurant/hospitality, retail, multifamily, sports and entertainment. 

Turn-Key Execution. Turn-key execution from the design stage to installation is the secret to consistently branded environments. Our expertise in compliance eliminates headaches down the road. We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver small and large projects, on budget, and on time – with professional management. We do what it takes to get the job done.


Showdog Brand Handlers brings buildings to life by providing the brand image and branded wayfinding necessary to move people through spaces.

Showdog was born with a purpose — to make our clients and their spaces look better than ever imagined. In doing this, we share the client’s story, raise the level of the brand experience, and bridge the associated gaps between the architectural, design, and construction processes. While the architectural vision for building design and construction of that vision exist as pillars of a project, Showdog is collaboratively on the move, jumping through hoops. We are masters of environmental branding and wayfinding, interpreting the client’s brand, and applying that to signage, graphics and wayfinding in the space.  

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Showdog Brand Handlers was created from the rich history of Dixie Graphics, a leader in the prepress graphics industry since 1903. This experience in color management and signage fabrication make Showdog entirely unique and capable of fulfilling any commercial branding need.

Showdog works with designers, architects, developers, building and brand owners, and contractors. From smaller branding challenges to large corporate and mixed-use projects, we provide the same meticulous and artful solutions to bring buildings to life.

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Chief Brand Handler

Matt is the founder of Showdog Brand Handlers and is the ‘master’ of brand environments — wrangling design, projects and teams to their desired end. He has spent years in the business honing his skills in environmental and experiential branding. His depth of knowledge about materials and applications bring value to the experiences he shares with clients. He believes in cultures of transparency and collaborative team success, especially in Showdog’s business relationships. And yes, there are two show dogs on the team. Ask him and he’ll show you pictures of them.

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Business Handler

“I don’t have a to-do list, but rather a to-done list!

Sherry handles all things business for Showdog Brand Handlers. She has a B.S. in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. Sherry is a resourceful, creative technical professional with over 35 years of broad business experience, including public company reporting, industry accounting, human resources, and training development.  


Project Handler

“A Project Manager is really just a professional problem solver”

Ashley is an experienced project manager who flourishes in highly creative environments. Her background in creative project management ranges from Marketing to Advertising, and Building & Construction. She is extremely organized and detail oriented which allows her to successfully manage many complicated projects simultaneously. After a long day of hearding cats you can find her either at the hot yoga studio, or at home enjoying a nice glass of wine.

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Creative Handler

“A great image starts first with understanding what the client needs.”

Cindy is an art professional with 25 years of experience designing anything and everything you could ever think to print. Most recently, she created environmental graphics for a retail, commercial and residential parking structure at Vertis. Cindy has handled design for campaigns for the NFL, NASCAR, and some of the biggest brands in the food industry. A must mention, Cindy is a terrific baker and makes a ‘to die for’ carrot cake – sometimes even for clients!


terry gilbert
Production handler

“It’s not done until everything looks ‘tight and right’!”

Terry has over 25 years of experience producing large format environmental graphics. His deep technical understanding and client first approach has earned Terry the reputation of being a ‘go-to’ print resource for numerous companies in Nashville’s entertainment and healthcare industries. When he’s not working – which is rare – you might find Terry hiking in the woods somewhere to be followed by a smooth sip of fine bourbon.