Can film help manage risk in the workplace?

Showdog provides architectural film solutions for demountable glass wall products, producing custom graphic film as an effective branding and wayfinding medium. With almost 4 million square feet of office projects are underway in the Nashville area, we’re calling out an important reason to include film with any plans to use interior glass - team safety.

The use of glass as the preferred interior wall solution comes with benefits such as the effect of interior windows, additional lighting, perception of more than actual square footage. What glass solutions, especially frameless can also add if left completely bare is a safety hazard for occupants and visitors. You may have seen the Cotton television commercial in which a New York creative agency used or this as an ‘uncomfortable moment’ to promote comfortable clothing…

Without any identifiable graphics, glass interiors become invisible walls; and to the extent that today’s device dependent worker bees are not looking ahead at times when walking from one place to another inside the workplace, this can be a collision waiting to happen. Also, insurance companies report that collision with objects ranks in the top 5 of workers compensation claims nationally.

Project highlight: The design of two adjoining, 6-level buildings that now comprise a campus for HCA called for custom graphic film in certain areas where interior glass was used. The original intent was to highlight specific areas including a unique naming convention for the buildings’ conference rooms (shown below..handled by Showdog.)  After the initial scope was completed, Showdog helped solve a problem to avoid future collisions with glass by producing and installing film with a custom pattern that could be replicated and re-ordered easily and installed quickly.

HCA Health Park | Custom Graphic Film | Showdog Brand Handlers

HCA Health Park | Custom Graphic Film | Showdog Brand Handlers

This project inspired the Showdog design and digital teams to create more than 50 designs, categorized in three series, that can be selected for any project and produced within days of interior glass installation. Check out the project images below…