The hoop jumping begins! Showdog debuts optically-clear graphic film series for architects & designers.


Tail wagging and hoop jumping is underway at Showdog as we debut three new lines of optically-clear graphic film designs.


Showdog’s design and digital production teams deserve all of the credit for creating more than 50 new designs that can be easily specified for any kind of interior glass. These designs can then be incorporated into layouts and film production to fit any interior glass package.

A major inspiration for creating the designs was the need for privacy and decorative film options that were cool, but not necessarily custom; were readily available; and that could be ordered, produced and installed, turn key. within one week after the interior glass was in place.

New Showdog characters!

We say “We bring buildings to life…” and truthfully, we like to have fun doing that. We’ve brought some canine inspiration into creating Showdog-inspired names for our three new lines.

Astro – If you’re old enough (or nostalgic enough) to remember the 60’s (and later, 80’s) television show The Jetsons, then you know who Astro is – TV’s favorite, futuristic family’s beloved dog. We knew Astro was the perfect name for our designs featuring shapes, shades and stripes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 11.08.49 AM.png

Tex – Coming back to earth a bit is the Tex line featuring textiles and textures reproduced in a variety of colors onto clear film. Woven fabric and material patterns, such as cross hatch and yes, even text, are some of the designs you’ll find within the Tex series.


Meadow – Some amazing environments that can be created with designs in Meadow. You’ll find a wide variety of designs inspired by natural characters and landscapes. These are great to create just the right vibe in a business setting. They can even be changed out seasonally…Showdog handles that!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 11.12.49 AM.png

Time to jump!

The feedback received and used to present these designs has been tremendous. We love hearing “Where have you been?” and “Where are my samples?” We’re just as excited to be a totally unique environmental graphics company in Nashville, Tennessee – the ‘BNA’ – the ‘615’ – whatever. I know this… it’s our hometown and it’s thriving. We’re here to bring our hometown’s buildings to life!

To book an appointment at your office or schedule a technical demonstration at ours and learn more about our design-to-install film capabilities, receive specification information and samples for your library, use this link Reach out to Showdog