Optically clear custom graphic film: a Swiss Army Knife for office branding and wayfinding

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Demountable interior glass walls trending up…

As seen during the phenomenal 3-year development surge in Nashville, glass wall products in office space design –not only class A space – is the preferred choice among designers, developers and users. With more than 3.5 million square feet of office space in or soon to be in development, the volume of glass office wall products is expected to be in the range of 150-200 thousand square feet.

“I have seen the tremendous impact that demountable walls have on a client’s approach to their workplace,” according to Jeanette Blake of Nashville Office Interiors.

“Flexibility is the key here. Technology has changed the way people are working today and with the rate that technology is changing, our workspaces have to adapt to that change.” Blake says. “Demountable glass walls give clients flexibility that conventional construction does not. Having the option to reconfigure space as their business needs changes is invaluable to clients. I have seen the shift in their mindset to invest in this flexibility so they can future proof themselves.”

Branding + Wayfinding solution…roll the film please!

The popularity and functional efficiency of glass in office space design affords architects and designers the opportunity to accomplish branding and wayfinding challenges with a common solution – optically clear custom graphic film.  

Showdog Brand Handlers completed multiple branding and wayfinding projects in 2017 including new office spaces at HCA Building 4 location, HCA Health Park in Brentwood and Lockton Insurance providing more than 30,000 square feet of custom film.  

At Showdog, we have the ability to create custom film graphics for our clients. An important element Showdog used during these projects were unique opacity charts created with multiple screen print samples in frosted, white, and black. Each project’s design process consists of selecting all desired opacities to be used, along with brand colors and one or more of the many stock patterns Showdog offers for various applications.   

HCA Building 4

HCA Building 4

Lockton Nashville

Lockton Nashville